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Meet the Team

Senan Doyle, Ph.D.
Camille Jallerat, M.Sc.
QARA Manager
Pierre-Alexis Poulet
CBO France
Agnes Labadie
Edouard Geoffroy
CBDO Europe
Julien Perrin, MS
Pauline Roca, Ph.D.
Guillaume Jarre, Ph.D.
Project Manager
Verónica Muñoz Ramírez, Ph.D.
Clinical Research Application Specialist
Xueyong Qian
Full Stack Developer
Pascal Rubini, Ph.D.
Data Scientist, Developer
Harmonie Dehaene, Ph.D.
Scientific Communication
Benjamin Lambert
Ph.D. Student
Bashaer Al Anbagi
QARA Engineer
Benjamin Collery
Software Engineer
Vincent De Lemos
Software Development Engineer
Kassiano Matteussi, Ph.D.
DevOps Cloud Engineer

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Eric Thouvenot, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisory Board

Professor of Neurology at University Hospital Nîmes. President, French Society for Multiple Sclerosis (SFSEP)

Prof. François Cotton, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisory Board

Professor of Radiology at Hospices Civils de Lyon. President French Society of Neuroradiology (SFNR) 2020. President of the annual Francophone Radiology Meeting (JFR) 2022



Prof. Alexandre Krainik, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisory Board

Diagnostic Neuroradiology Committee, ESNR. Professor of Neuroradiology at University Hospital Grenoble. President French Society of Neuroradiology (SFNR) 2018. 



Prof. Jean-Pierre Pruvo, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisory Board

President French Society of Radiology (SFR) 2015. Head of neuroradiology department at University Hospital Lille



Prof. Sebastien Verclytte, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisory Board

Head of department of Neuroradiology, GHICL, Lille


Dr. Arnaud Attyé, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisory Board
Neuroradiologist, CHU Grenoble
Prof. Florence Forbes, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisory Board

Research Director, Inria. Machine Learning, Statistical Methods and Image Processing.

Prof. Michel Dojat, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisory Board

Research Director, Inserm, Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience. Deep Learning and Neuroimaging.

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